Let’s blog!

A small introduction:
Hi! My name is Kate Fancourt and this is where I will document my journey to becoming a fully fledged high school drama and film, tv and new media teacher in Australia. Throughout this process of documentation I will continually question learning techniques, engage in and communicate with fellow pre-service teachers and their blogs and reflect upon my own personal learning.

A little backstory for the readers:
Over the last 5 years I have been studying Secondary Education at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ).  This has been a very “on and off” process where, during this study period, I lived in London momentarily, I taught English to students in China and I pursued my dreams in Photography by becoming a photographer of a magazine.  I’m now slowly getting back into the big world of study while working part-time, volunteering part-time and trying to keep my own personal business afloat.  After the completion of all of this hard work with USQ I’m really hoping to become a teacher in a non-traditional setting (at a hospital, within a rural community or even in a drama community).

My hopes for this blog:
I hope to connect with and learn from many pre-services and currently registered teachers.  In particular though, for the next 15 weeks this blog will be used as a platform to share my thoughts and learnings from the subjects EDC3100 (ICT & Pedagogy) and EDS4407 (Secondary Arts Curriculum & Pedagogy) at USQ.


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