My Vision Statement

As an educator in the arts I want to inspire students to think, create and perform.  I believe that everyone has the potential to be creative and therefore I want to help harness this creativity in any way possible.  By creating safe, educational spaces that assist in engineering the imagination and developing students’ individualism, I hope to open their minds and widen their horizons.

As an artist myself, I understand how important it is to be able to relate to the art you’re creating.  Therefore I want to be able to make learning accessible, relevant, fun, thought-provoking and meaningful for each individual I teach.  I want to encourage my students to truly connect with their artistic sensibilities and explore art in an authentic way.

Furthermore, I want to instil passion for creative thinking in a diverse range of students.  I believe that showcasing creative thinking and highlighting its symbiosis with academia rather than its exclusivity will develop students’ passion for lifelong learning.


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