Open Education Resources

I’ve recently been surfing the big, worldwide web for education resources for teaching purposes.  However, in order to complete this search correctly (and legally) I am limited to using open education resources (OER) only.  OER’s are sites/videos/images/documents that are able to be freely copied, shared and modified so long as the author or creator is credited properly (Creative Common Licensing or CC by SA).  As an educator these particular resources are invaluable for the learning experiences of my students and without them I feel very much like a “chalk and talk” teacher.

In my constant search for these resources I’ve picked out two OER’s that are likely to replace the “chalk and talk” feel of teaching and amplify my students’ learning.  The first OER is a site named TED Talks.  TED Talks are short, in-depth informational and educational videos about specific topics.  These videos are helpful in complementing the students’ module materials and they also assist in further stimulating the discussion within the classroom.  There are however some creative common licensing restrictions for these videos and these restrictions are shown below in Image 1.1.
Image 1.1

Unfortunately these restrictions mean that students won’t be able to remix or modify the TED talks however they are able to refer to them in any assignments they have.  The second site I came across however, allows for modification by the students.

The second site I came across was Flickr.  As a Film, TV and New Media teacher this particular site is exceptionally valuable (not only for the still image module of the subject but also for ice breakers and brain storming activities alike).  What makes Flickr even easier to use, in terms of finding images which are CC by SA licensed, is that it has the ability to search by what kind of copyright license the image holds (Image 1.2).  Therefore if the image holds a creative commons license (licensing is explained here for Flickr) it is free to be repurposed by the students.  This is especially helpful in units such as still image where the students are to focus on creating a mood or genre within an image.  Essentially this means that students can freely choose a CC by SA licensed imaged and modify it to their liking.
Image 1.2

Overall, these two OER’s can help to amplify a students learning, engage them in classroom activities, stimulate their discussions and they could even be used as a resource for the students and their assignments.  Let me know what you think of these resources and if you have any to add to my OER list (making sure they are CC by SA licensed of course)!




2 Replies to “Open Education Resources”

  1. Wow Kate, your knowledge of the copyright requirements associated with education resources is outstanding! I haven’t heard of TED Talks before. Sounds interesting and worth checking out! My major is mathematics so hopefully I can find some relevant content on TED Talks. Thanks for sharing. Sara 😊


    1. Sara!
      Thank you so much for your comment. I’ve read deeply into the requirements of copyrighting issues due to being a Film, TV and New Media teacher. It’s handy to know what you can and can’t use otherwise you could end up in some slight trouble! Also, I’m absolutely sure there would be some relevant TED talks about mathematics. Considering I’m an Arts teacher that didn’t quite love Maths when I was in high school, a TED talk about mathematics would be so perfectly fitted to my type of personality. Good luck with everything Sara.


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