The Value of Learning an Arts Subject

Recently I was asked to discuss my perspective on contemporary arts theory and practice in education in the form of a digital presentation.  I so desperately wanted to create a stop motion film for this digital presentation however with a time poor schedule like mine it has just not been possible.  This particular issue (lack of time) has allowed me to realise that people will move towards ICTs that they are more familiar with rather than exploring new ICTs.  The reason for this is because you become familiar with the functions and the abilities of the well-known ICT application/software.

So I look forward to re-visiting this subject with more time on my hands but for now I’ve embedded my video URL below and the transcript of the audio beneath that (for ease of understanding).

LINK TO YOUTUBE VIDEO HERE (the audio is currently missing – work in progress)

Hi, my name is Kate Fancourt and I’m a pre-service, secondary teacher specializing in Drama and Film, TV and New Media.  I’m about to share with you my perspective on contemporary arts theory and practice in education.  But before we discuss arts in education I think it’s vital to first discuss arts in the world.

Briefly put, I believe that people are learning to appreciate art less and less.

I think the arts are an underappreciated sector of life.  I think they’re taken advantage of especially in today’s society, with the quick moving pace of digital technologies providing us with sites such as Netflix and Flickr.

At the same time however, artworks are always at our fingertips which allows us to become more aware of the arts as a whole.  So, I really think that we just need to educate people on the importance of arts and that starts with us, the educators, at school.

By undertaking an arts class in school, students are on their way to developing their creative thinking skills.  This skill allows for never-ending capabilities within all aspects of their life.  For instance, the growth of their imagination and the strengthening of their concentration.

Essentially though, I believe that creators, designers and inventors are the CEO’s of the future.  They’re the forefront of passion, productivity and curiosity – all characteristics needed to move forward with a task or problem at hand.  These types of people have the ability to change the world and that’s why I believe that art in education is extremely important.


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