Where does ICT fit into my life?

Information communication technologies (ICTs) are endless within the 21st century. Some of them fit into our lives like well-made gloves (our smart phone, laptop, television, etc.) and others take a little more time to mould and completely understand (usually new ICTs that have just entered into the industry/world). Recently, I sat down with the website Bubble.us to create a mind map of how ICTs are involved in my life (see image below). I was overwhelmed with how much I rely on ICTs to get me through the day.  However, in saying this, I’m also extremely thankful for the amount of ICTs in my world.  These ICTs help me to be more organised, work more efficiently at my jobs and communicate more quickly with friends/family/colleagues.

New Mind Map

Even looking back at this mind map now, 5 minutes on, I can see that I’ve missed a few ICTs out of the mix.  The list seems to be never ending; from the bluetooth connection I use in my car for listening to music on the way to Netball, to the application named Trello that I use for group magazine editing with the volunteers at the RSPCA, the list keeps rapidly growing. With what seems like an unlimited amount of ICTs available to any one of us at any one time, it’s no wonder that we sometimes can’t keep up. Personally, I’ve found that it’s best to check out the reviews of an ICT tool before beginning to use it myself. That way I know beforehand whether or not it’ll be troublesome for me to understand. In the end though once I’ve learnt how to work an ICT tool it generally enhances or quickens the job/task that I’m using it for.

In conclusion I think I may need to open my mind up to more opportunities of ICT tools and fully realise the potential that the tool could have on my learning and/or teaching. Although overwhelming, eventually the tools will become a familiar part of our lives.


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