Placement Reflection

My experience with my current practicum placement so far has been mostly difficult.  It’s been about three and a half years since my last three placements, so walking into another placement after that amount of time is difficult in itself. Having that low confidence (due to not having been in classroom in a while) on top of my university placing me 2 weeks late and only telling me the Friday before the week I start AND also having to incorporate ICTs in my classes has made me feel extremely anxious.

All that aside, I taught my first class today and tried to incorporate a simple research activity using the computers however due to the low-socio economic area/school/students and the rural area the school is in, there are barely enough laptop computers to go around (so they had to work in pairs) and the network takes about 15 minutes to connect (which I didn’t know beforehand) which therefore made for a stop and start lesson. Essentially, it was a very difficult start to my first teaching lesson in 3 years.

My question is, how do we incorporate ICTs in the classroom when we are teaching at a rural school with patchy access to a network and barely any access to ICT tools?


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